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About the only real herbal product, a pill you can take, available to treat bv is a product called Femanol.

This is assuming you don’t want to take the antibiotic drugs. It is also very possible that antibiotics drugs prescribed by doctors are a cause of bacterial vaginosis.



Femanol Does It Work?

Women have several questions about the product Femanol to help them with relief from bacterial vaginosis.

The most pressing question women suffering with BV want to know is, does Femanol work?

Short answer: Yes, Femanol does work.

Long answer: Femanol is a strictly herbal supplement designed along knowledgeable informational lines to help combat several problem areas women face when fighting BV. Ready to get rid of the smell and discharge symptoms? I bet you are.

Will it work for every single person? Of course not because it has been noted that some of the women it did not work for were questioned and it was discovered that many of them did not take the product as instructed.

“oh, I would remember to take Femanol in the morning with my vitamins but I was always forgetting to take it at night.”

“I was pretty consistent for about a week but then I got out of the habit and would remember to take it only every couple of days.”

No wonder it didn’t work for them. What do doctors and pharmacist tell you when they give you an antibiotic or some other medication for any type of problem? Take it as prescribed and finish the entire bottle even if you are feeling better before you finish off all the pills.

So, it should work for most women who take it as instructed but as with any type of either prescription drug or herbal natural treatment, every person responds differently.

Femanol Important Additional Reading:

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A one month supply of Femanol costs $67 (it is cheaper when you buy additional bottles).

Lets Compare: If you bought all the ingredients in Femanol separately, for a one month supply it would cost you approximately $93.71 (you can do your own searches and possibly come up with better prices).

Beta Glucan    $33.99

Probiotics       $21.96

Neem             $ 6.64

Multivitamin $20.76

Garlic              $10.36

Total =           $93.71 (prices subject to change but accurate at time of entry)

(Click Here to read more details about the ingredients in Femanol)

You can see or buy the products shown below at evitamins.

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Norwegian Beta Glucan 375 mg by Flora

Kyo-Dophilus 9 by Kyolic

Neem by Solaray

Total Woman by Esteem

Garlic + Echinacea and GoldenSeal by Futurebiotics

You don’t have to live with BV any longer if you get Femanol today and actually use it.