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Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments

Some of the natural bacterial vaginosis treatment techniques can run the range from utilizing an apple cider vinegar bath, garlic suppositories or even a yogurt covered tampon. Bacterial vaginosis treatment with antibiotics will generally consist of metronidazole or even clindamycin. Some women have tried every bacterial vaginosis treatment available, and either nothing has worked or they find they have recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

This is fairly common with Doctor prescribed antiobiotics. The real trick to bacterial vaginosis treatment is in utilizing a regimen to prevent bacterial vaginosis in the first place. There are effeective methods for this, you just have to know how. We will have more information on this later.

What Causes BV?

People who have had Bacterial Vaginosis before should talk to their doctor as to why they contracted the condition. Some people believe that it comes from sex with more than one partner.

While it can be true it cannot be scientifically proven so it is not technically classified as a sexually transmitted disease but often cases of Bacterial Vaginosis occur after sex with more than one person. But there is more than one cause that brings on Bacterial Vaginosis.

How To Get Rid Of BV?

In my experience the women who succeed most often in getting rid of BV permanently are those who are backed up by a solid immune response built from a diet rich in key naturally immune-modifying micronutrients.

So here’s an important lesson on how to get rid of bacterial vaginosis permanently – three very powerful dietary tactics that have been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce the incidence and severity of BV.